A manager is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. They embody all of our core values and their most important job is to help their team grow. They are responsible for every project that comes from their team and are working toward taking ownership of outcomes. Managers constantly take feedback from their team on how to improve and recognize that their success is dependent on the success of each direct report.


Managers have a core set of expectations that they steward in the organization:

Service-level agreement (SLA)

Employees have the right to hold their manager accountable to three types of meetings:


There are a few specific milestones that a manager should aim to achieve:

  1. Development of their team toward their vocation
  2. Progression of their team to new roles and/or levels of seniority
  3. Onboarding and completion of new projects
  4. Positive Manager Reviews

Managers are responsible for both the success and failure of their teammates. Reports are expected to play an active role, but at the end of the day their manager is responsible for helping them get there.