From what devices you can enter your Picksell admin and manage products and orders

You can enter your account and dashboard from desktop, mobile or tablet with any OS, but only desktop admin is optimised for convenient managing.

Very soon Picksell admin app will be released for your comfort.

Uploading, importing and exporting products

Upload products one by one

<aside> 💡 The most important part of your store is your products. You are not limited in the number of products you are able to create. To help you with product management we made product edit process as easy as possible. You are required to complete four simple steps to publish a product. Please follow the instructions carefully.


To add a product go to Picksell Platform —> Products in the left-side menu of your account and tap + New product.

Step 1: Info

Information in this section can be changed in any time.

Name, Category and Media are required to continue product creation process.


This name will be displayed for customers. Try to use simple and understandable naming, do not use SKU or barcodes in the name. If your product has different options you are able to set them on the next steps. The best name will contain Brand and model name. Color, size and other characteristics you will set later.