As your organisation grows, you might need to create multiple users to manage the campaigns. It can happen, that you want to give access to other people, but not full access.

We created this tutorial to show you how is it possible.

Step 1: Create a new role

First create the new role for our future user by clicking on the cog on the right side.

Let's name this one 'manager', to mimic the different management levels in your company. It is just a name you choose, it can be anything.

Now let's decide about the approach we take. We can

This is entirely up to you. If you want to revoke some access, but leave most of it intact, I suggest you turn the 'Has full system access?' switch on.

Once you are done, let's click on the Persmissions tab above.

In the example above we took a very strict approach: the user can only access his own contacts.

In order everything to work you'll need to go through all settings on the right and assign the proper access level to each category.

Step 2: Create a new user

Once you done, you can create the user.

Go to Settings > Users.