HourStack offers a variety of direct integrations with project management, developer tools, communication, productivity, and CRM platforms. These integrations are designed to simplify your time tracking while increasing accuracy by reducing duplicate entry of tasks, projects, labels, etc.

All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration data and you'll have access to your integrations across all of your workspaces.

<aside> 💡 Do note that if you assign an entry created via integration (source task) to another workspace member and have autocomplete enabled, the source task will be completed when the entry in HourStack is completed.


Connected Integrations

Any integrations you've connected will be listed in this section. The "manage" link will give you access to the settings for that integration as well as the option to disconnect the integration.

Integration Settings

Available settings will vary per integration, but a common setting is Auto-completion. This setting will automatically complete source items on the third-party platform whenever the related entry is completed in HourStack.

Disconnecting Integrations

When you disconnect an integration in HourStack, you'll be revoking access so that HourStack can no longer make requests to that platform on your behalf. Where possible, we'll revoke access on the third party platform as well. In many instances this isn't possible though so you'll have to manually revoke access through your settings on that platform if you wish to fully disconnect the integration.

If you don't, HourStack still can't access any of your data, but if you reconnect in the future you won't have to go through the authorization workflow as the platform will still have authorization and will just respond to HourStack with the credentials required for us to make requests on your behalf again.

So, if you'd like to disconnect an integration to connect a different account for that integration you'll want to ensure you've revoked access on both platforms before reconnecting, otherwise you'll just be reconnecting the same account.

Available Integrations

The list of available integrations is searchable as well as filterable by integration category. Once you've found the integration you'd like to add, click the "Connect" button to begin the authorization process.

You'll be redirected to the third-party platform where you'll login to your account and grant access to HourStack. Each integration will require a specific set of permissions that are as minimal as possible in order for our integration to work correctly.

Once you've granted access, the integration will be added to your connected integrations list and will be ready for immediate use. Click the "Manage" link next to the integration to review the available settings.

Request an Integration

If you don't see an integration you'd like to use, please email support@hourstack.com to let us know. We'll be adding additional integrations in the near future and can take your request into consideration when we build our integrations roadmap.