What’s the output?

We have a shortlist of 6ish ideas that we will go and spend some more time scoping in break-out groups later.

The number of ideas we have in our shortlist is based on our team size - we have max 1 idea per person. So, in a team of 6, we’ll end up with a max of 6 ideas.

How are we going to get there?

Using the RICE prioritization framework (but we’ve adjusted it slightly to be RICES).

  1. start off by describing the idea a bit. Whoever wrote it can talk it through. It can be useful to take notes in the idea page as you go 🙂
  2. as a group we’ll try to come up with the project’s reach, impact, confidence and effort estimates.
  3. Order the ideas by their RICES score: $\frac {Reach \times Impact \times Confidence \times Stoke}{Effort}$
  4. Assign an idea owner to each one

Here are some handy definitions for how we’ll measure each of these things:

🧠 Ideas