What is Traveloka PayLater?

PayLater is an online credit lending that enables users to pay for various products in Traveloka with installments.


It drives by the business needs that Traveloka want to look for another opportunity as its revenue stream.

My Role

Involved on the initial design concept, problem scoping, and producing the solution through UI. In addition, I also do the prototyping and user testing.

Insights from User Research

Most Indonesian prefer to travel in domestic because it's more affordable than international travel. International flight tickets are expensive.

Majority of users like to purchase travel tickets way ahead of travel dates to prepare for the Hari Raya homecoming. They believe that this strategy works to get cheaper price.

What's Interesting

This product is the first in the industry in Indonesia, so we don't have any other direct competitor to look out.

The challenges is interesting because lending in general is associated with negative image; "scam".