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Thanks for using MakeStories and deciding to use our official WordPress Plugin. The official MakeStories WordPress Plugin allows you to bring the best story editing feature straight into your WordPress website. If you are looking for a full-featured solution with the best-in-class user experience, then you are in the right place.

How to connect MakeStories account with your WordPress website?

Understanding Settings option that MakeStories provide.

Enable categories for WebStories

Publishing your first WebStory using MakeStories

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What does this plugin do ?

This plugin brings one of the best story editor into your WordPress website. You can start creating stories straight from your WordPress dashboard. Create, Prepare, Publish. MakeStories editor has been used by more than 20000 people and some of the best publishers across the globe to create ground breaking stories.

How to connect MakeStories account with your WordPress website?

To start using the Web Stories plugin, you will need to create an account with MakeStories. You can create one at . Once registered, follow the steps below

  1. Install the MakeStories plugin.

  2. Activate the MakeStories plugin.

  3. After you activate the plugin, you will get a new icon in the left bar that says "MakeStories". Click the MakeStories icon. If this is the first run of your plugin, then you will have to connect your MakeStories account to your WordPress website. Don't worry, you will have to do this only once :) You will see a screen that looks something like this.

    The next thing to do will be enter your email address that you have registered on MakeStories and then hit the blue "Connect To MakeStories" button. Once you hit the connect to MakeStories button, the system will send a request to your MakeStories account and then wait for you to manually approve the use of your account on this WordPress website. This is to ensure that your account and it's data is safe and used only on your WordPress website.

    Once connect, you will see a text saying "Please Login to your MakeStories Dashboard" and Accept the connection request. This screen will look like the following

    Now, click the blue link and you will be taken to your MakeStories account where you will see your connection request just like below. Hit the "Allow" button to approve the connect request.

    Once you approve this request, come back to your MakeStories page on your WordPress website and hit the blue "I have verified my account" button. Your website is now connected to your MakeStories account. WoW! You did it. Now, use all the MakeStories features and enjoy the best ever Web Stories creation tool on your WordPress website.

    Understanding Settings option that MakeStories provide.

    MakeStories allows you to control your post type slug. This feature is available only with official MakeStories plugin. By default, your webstories have a slug "web-stories". So, all the webstories that you will publish will be accessible at You can change this by visiting the settings page under the MakeStories tab. The settings page can be accessed by clicking the settings option in the plugin page or in the left menu.

    Now, edit the slug from this page and put in your own. Suppose you want all your stories to be shown at, then change the text in the text box to the front of slug to "stories" and then hit the save button.

    Enable Categories for WebStories

    MakeStories allows you to enable categories for your WebStories. Again this is possible only with the official MakeStories plugin and not any other plugins. Once you enable categories, you will get an option to create and assign categories to your stories while publishing them. To enable categories for your Web Stories, just click the settings pages under MakeStories menu. You will now be taken to the MakeStories Settings page where you will find an option that says " Add Category to stories". Just tick that option and then hit the save changes button. Refer the video below to see how to turn on categories for your WebStories

    Publishing your first WebStory using MakeStories

    Publishing in MakeStories WordPress plugin comes with assistive publishing. Assistive publishing is a simple 4 step process which is aimed at making sure that you fill up all the relevant details that improve the SEO for your WebStories. A separate video for the assistive publishing will be available soon. However, if you wish to skip the assistive publishing, you can do so by using the SKIP button in the bottom left.

    Once you are done with filling up all the relevant SEO details, The blue button in the bottom right will change to Publish Story