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Who Is Our Target Audience? Traditional Paid Marketing Community Growth SEO and Brand Development Social Media Listings

Who Is Our Target Audience?

Altrucoin wants to focus on real people that care about the cause. We do not want to get massive numbers just to have massive numbers, but rather build a community of people that are excited and engaged.

Even during pre-sale, we made sure to constantly remove all bots from telegram and prevented them from buying in. We focused on bringing in people that were most excited about the cause and that is the audience we aim to increase.

We are committed to this project for the long term, not to make a short-term profit. We believe in the long-term use case (defi lending), yield generation, and charity aspects of the project.

Traditional Paid Marketing


● We will be using Pay per Click (PPC) marketing to reach some of the traditional avenues of advertising. This will include places like Google, Instagram, and Twitter. ● We will also be using Pay per Impression (PPI) for areas where we want to reach a wide audience and direct them to our site to learn more. This will include places like subreddits and banner ads on popular chart sites.


● We will be working with specific influencers to help promote our brand. This will include influencers on major social media platforms like Twitter and Youtube who meet the following requirements: o Have a list of projects they have worked with in the past o Show an interest in the project – we are looking for people who care why we do what we do, not just somebody to put it in front of a lot of people o Are familiar with and able to provide basic marketing KPIs that are standard for their platform ● If you know of an influencer that you think would be interested in joining the project, you can have them apply here.

Community Growth

Expanding the Team

● With the launch now behind us, we are just getting started on marketing. We will be hiring new members to help with the marketing efforts for our team. This includes graphic designers, animators, and campaign managers. If you think you would be a good fit, please apply here for designer or here for marketing.


● We are working hard to grow the community everyday. This started as a project with just four people, and has grown to the point where we are looking for people to help moderate and answer questions that come from the community. This will include platforms such as Telegram and Reddit. If you would like to apply, you can do so here.

Voting on our site

● From the start, our project has focused on community involvement. This is especially apparent in our philanthropy outreach, where coin holders are able to vote on which charity should receive the funds from the charity wallet. We will be encouraging all members to vote each cycle, as well as to submit charities that they think could benefit from the project. If you know of such a charity, you can submit them here.

SEO and Brand Development