Mailchimp is an email marketing serviced used by companies large and small all over the world. Mailchimp has everything you need to build and run your email marketing campaigns as well as mail lists.

By integrating ReferralMagic with your Mailchimp account, you will turn your mail list members into referral magnets. You can get benefit of your email newsletter campaigns to drive new users to your web app and offer incentives to both your referrer mail list members and invitees.

Integration Instructions

  1. Login to your ReferralMagic account if you haven't logged in

  2. Go to the dashboard of the referral campaign you have created

  3. On your referral campaign dashboard, click "Mailchimp" integration link on the right side:

  4. You will need to enter your Mailchimp API key in order to allow ReferralMagic talk to your Mailchimp account. You can generate your API key by clicking the shortcut link below the API key field:

  5. After entering your Mailchimp API key and clicking "Continue" button, ReferralMagic will fetch your Mailchimp mail lists and list them to you. Choose the target mail list and hit the "Connect" button. ReferralMagic will create three custom fields on your mail list and generate referral tracking codes for each of your mail list subscriber.

  6. Once you click the "Connect" button, ReferralMagic will start the integration process. The initial integration may take 5 to 10 minutes depending on your mail list size. Once the integration is completed, you will see the integration process as completed:

  7. On the right side, you will also see the Mailchimp integration as "active":

Use Cases

Mailchimp and ReferralMagic can be used together for several different use cases but the most populars are listed below to give an inspiration to you. ReferralMagic is the easiest way to turn your Mailchimp mail list members into referral magnets and grow your base.