A DAO to govern Upala protocol and share generated profit. How to make Upala happen and then prosper.

Goals of creating the DAO


Working on it here as well - https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kkYFSB8=/?moveToWidget=3074457355673834485&cot=14


Token launch and protocol launch may go independently. Launch token when ready, launch the protocol when ready. Token launch is just a point when payment model changes.

Before token launch (team formation)

Pay developers in tokens with no real value, but assume 1 token = $1. Just to maintain the record of contributions and find intrinsically motivated people. Let's call this temporary tokens the Ampere hour (Ah) token.

Mint those tokens on the go.

They can only be acquired for a job done. Investors cannot buy at this price. As an option - sell tokens to VCs but for a higher price.

How many ampere hours can you produce, human?

How many ampere hours can you produce, human?

At the launch

Decide on the distribution of tokens.

E.g. 20% go to developers according to Ah distribution. Convert Ahs to something with real value - caps. Mint another 80% of caps, that will go to community through an airdrop.

Mint tokens every month to support the team (mint fixed $$ amount according to market price). Is this where a DAO needed? Transfer tokens to DAO?