We recommend using Linear with our native macOS application or on your browser if you don't have a Mac. You can use Linear on your mobile or tablet devices with our Progressive Web App (PWA).

Web app

All functionality in the desktop app including offline mode is available on the web. Linear should work on most evergreen browsers. We recommend Chrome or Safari and do our best to maintain features across other popular browsers such as Firefox and Brave. You can also install Linear as a PWA on desktop Chrome.

Desktop app (macOS Intel, Apple Silicon, Windows)

Download the latest version for macOS and Windows here.

The Desktop app offers these benefits over a browser:

<aside> ✨ ProTip: Links clicked in the desktop app will open up in your default browser (we plan to support deep links soon). To set them up to open in the desktop app, try Choosy app: https://twitter.com/linear_app/status/1241090509159845890.


Mobile and tablets (PWA)

You can install Linear on your mobile or tablet devices. Because of our performant client and offline sync, the mobile app is also really fast. To add Linear to your home screen on iOS, go to Linear.app and click on Add to home screen.

Bring up the command menu on mobile with a two finger tap anywhere on the screen. You can also use the clipboard to upload images or videos to issues and comments–just copy the photo in your Camera Roll and paste it into Linear.

We are considering native apps in the future. Here's a sneak peek at what we're envisioning:


Keyboard Shortcuts

Desktop macOS App:

Cmd , to go to preferences and access other settings