Mission, Vision, Values

🧭 Lander's Mission

At Lander we know the feeling of building your first profitable product, service, or event. We want everyone to know that feeling and feel the freedom that accompanies it.

Success Is A Practice

We believe everyone deserves to build a business that helps them thrive, and we know dialing in marketing is where many people get bogged down.

The most valuable work we can do as a media company is making other people's work clearer, easier, more fun, and more profitable. We make important work easy and obvious so it doesn't get pushed aside for urgent work.

Simply: We believe profitable marketing isn't rocket science. We help launch worthwhile visions to the moon.

🔭 Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone to have the tools, resources, and support to build whatever the dreams that make them come alive.

We're Building New Worlds

We want to build a world where people feel free to explore their curiosity, and feel confident getting paid to do so. When people make the world better they deserve to be celebrated and compensated for it, and when people have messages they're passionate about, they deserve to connect with the audience who needs them.

⚖️ Our 7 Guiding Values

1 - People Over Ideas

All of your other values are worthless if you forget people are all that matters. We are laser-focused on freeing up time and making life more fun and more profitable so people have more time and freedom to be present with each other in exactly the ways they choose.

Our Guiding Principle

How we treat each other comes before everything else.

Use the platinum rule: Don't treat people how you want to be treated, treat people how THEY want to be treated.

In everything, be open, honest, and communicate your dreams, goals, and desires as best you can, and don't forget to ask how others would like to be supported. We will support you in whatever way you'd like us to support you.