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Hello and welcome to the ML-Starter Kit (@mlstarterkit)! This is a collection of (mostly) free and high quality resources for getting started in the field of Machine Learning. It is the first collection of its kind that combines courses, books, blogs, movies and many more into one single collection and has already helped more than 10.000 users worldwide!

<aside> 👋 The ML Starter-Kit has the following sections:


ML Starter Kit - Feedback Form

<aside> ❤️ Special thanks to the many authors of these great free resources! If you like some piece of ressources, consider showing the author some appreciation by buying a hard-copy. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualified sales. Another way to support me is by heading over to buymeacoffee.


<aside> ℹ️ This collection is and will always be in progress. If you have any ideas for improvement please feel free to contact me on my Twitter @mlstarterkit. Note that I am not the author of any of these books or referenced links.


Part 1 - Resources



🧮 Mathematical Foundations


🤖 Machine Learning Specializations

🛠️ Applied Machine Learning

💻 Software Development & Data Science & Others

☮️ Social Aspects

Part 2 - Channels that regularly publish ML Content



Part 3 - Feel a bit lost? Take a look at these Roadmaps!