Machine Learning Scientist @ Ava

Reinvent speech processing technologies to empower us collectively

AI is an incredible thing, especially when we put it to the service of humanity — and not the other way around. We love hearing incredible applications of computer vision, from detecting cancer by looking at your eye or saving your life by making driving autonomous & more secure. But speech recognition applications? They've stayed pretty much at the gadget level, inundating us with talking alarms and smart home assistants.

Ava is the exception to the rule - the ampersand-shaped peg in a rather boringly square world. We apply speech recognition and speaker identification technologies so we can help 450M deaf & hard-of-hearing people live a fully accessible life. With Ava, they can understand what everyone else is saying in any group conversation, anytime. With five asynchronous audio streams arriving at your doorstep, how do you even decide what audio should go into your ASR?

A difficult challenge to solve? Yes, and that's what we love. What really keeps us up at night though, is the thrill to be impacting day to day people in a meaningful way. And see the smile on our users' faces when they use our product.

Don't waste any more of your precious gray matter in politics-laden research teams in big companies, and come instead shine your light where the world can see the impact of what you make!

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