Humans have been having discussions since they started to make the first sounds, so we’ve been feeling the need to discuss for over 2 million years.

We believe that it’s time to reinvent discussions because all the existing solutions are either too hard to use on the go, not engaging, or distracting from the essence.

This is why we're building EduDo - a video-based asynchronous discussions platform.

We want to connect hundreds of millions of smart people by giving them easy tools to share insights and dive into discussions no matter where they are and how much time they have. We believe that the real magic will be done by them. And we’re very excited to see where it will take us and looking for engaged ML-engineer, who helps us provide best personalized experience for our users.

What you’ll do/ The main responsibilities

System requirements:

   → handle the stream of new events / users / items in realtime

   → be able to recommend an endless list


   → need more details? Contact:  [](<>) or


   → be able to submit new items for study for N hours, interspersed with recommended     


Basic Qualifications/ Requirements