<aside> 👉 We want to democratize good machine learning by providing a nice platform to students and empowering as many of them as possible to utilize great open source tools in their academic lives and project demos.

We want to be what Jupyter notebook is for students when following Deep Learning classes and become THE platform the students will use when making ML project demos in DL classes.


What is an HF hands-on class?

✅ Live & Public Webinar

✅ Focus: How to build Machine Learning collaboratively

✅ 1 Hugging Face expert intervening & University/ “Country” host animating

✅  Class targeting undergrad/masters/phd students

✅ + 100 students attending

What is required to follow it?

👉 Basic knowledge of Python

👉 Conceptual knowledge of ML

👉 A Hugging Face Classroom

👉 A google Colab account

👉 A Hugging Face Hub account

What is our objective? Organize hands-on classes and achieve a complete worldwide ML Demo.cratization tour (current status ⬇️)


How we will communicate on this collaboration

  1. See the ML Demo.cratization tour Twitter banner template that will be customized with the right hosting country. Hugging Face will tweet using this twitter banner to promote the hands-on class + tag your organization

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