<aside> 👋 Hello and welcome to ML Baselines! This is a collection of baselines for various machine learning tasks to compare your latest model against.

It is divided into the following sections:


<aside> 🚧 This site is still under construction! Use with care!


<aside> 💡 A baseline is a simple model that is fast to be implemented, robust, ideally interpretable and achieves good first results while serving as a reference for later model iterations. See the article Always start with a stupid model, no exceptions ****by Emmanuel Ameisen as a motivation on why baselines are absolutely necessary in every ML project!


ML Baselines - Feedback Form

Part 1 - Baselines




🐙 Domain-Agnostic

📚 Structured Data

🖼️ Image

🔤 Text

🎶 Audio

Part 2 - Libraries and Frameworks


Part 3 - Task Overviews

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