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How to work with ACES in Mari ?


In this post I will explain how to setup Mari to work with ACES but some explanations could also help to understand the traditional "sRGB" workflow as well as how Mari works under the hood.

You will need some basics about what is ACES and how ACES is working. For example I'm using terms as IDT or ODT that you should be aware of. (If not there is some useful links at the end.)

I am also using two important term that need to be explained:

This post also assume that we are using the nodegraph and not the layers.


<aside> ⚠️ WARNING In my examples i'm using the Output - Rec.709 ODT which might not be the case for you so you might need to replace it with Output-sRGB or any other ODT you are using.

Quick reminder that the ODT that you are supposed to use should be choose in accordance with your monitor's calibration. In my case I am using Rec709 just cause this is a requirement for the production i'm working on.


Color Settings setup