What is it?

Lumiere is a selective research program for high school students, where you do independent research 1-1 with a scholar from a top university (e.g. Harvard, Stanford, Oxford).

The program, Lumiere Research Scholars, was founded by Stephen Turban, a Harvard Business School PhD student and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. At the end of the program, which runs from mid October through December, you’ll develop an independent research piece that you’ve built from start to finish.

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Introducing the founders, Dhruva Bhat & Stephen Turban!

Dhruva Bhat is a Rhodes Scholar and DPhil Candidate in International Development. Before studying at Oxford, Dhruva was a student at Harvard College where he studied economics. Dhruva has researched extensively across developing markets and within economics; he is also an international debating champion and represented India multiple times in debate tournaments. His research expertise is in International Development, Economics, and Social Enterprises.

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Stephen Turban is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Harvard College, a McKinsey Boston & Beijing alum, and a member of Fulbright University Vietnam's Office of the President. He is now a PhD student at Harvard Business School.

Stephen's passions are writing and researching workplace productivity, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. He has published in academic journals and his work has been covered by the Harvard Business Review, The Economist, BBC News, Freakonomics Radio, Washington Post, Bloomberg Press, PBS News Hour, Inc, Quartz, Tech Republic, and the Times among others. In college, he co-authored a book, Your Relationship GPA, which was a #1 Best Seller in Friendship on Amazon.

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