I’ve lost access to the EOS account attached to my Eden membership profile. How do I recover my Eden account?

While there’s little we can do to help you regain access to an EOS account whose keys have been lost or stolen, the Eden Chief Delegates can help you associate your Eden profile with a different EOS account that you have control over.

To do so, reach out to one or more of the Chief Delegates for assistance.

Here’s what will need to happen:

Is this secure? How are fraudulent recovery requests prevented?

One of the key differentiators of Eden is strong, decentralized identity / KYC. Every Eden profile links to a video/audio onboarding ceremony in which the person behind the account must speak on camera. Furthermore, accounts are associated with social profiles from other social networks.

Chiefs, when evaluating an account recovery request, may:

What will happen to my delegate rank?

Your delegate rank will not be affected. For example, if you were a Chief when beginning the account recovery process, you will still be a Chief after account recovery process.

What will happen to my funds?