Hi everyone!

It has been some time since we posted some news from our Congregation, but news comin' straight out of the oven now

You are very welcome to check our Congregation latest doings and reflections in here. Your comments are also very much welcomed in there!

In a short note, since I last wrote here our Congregation has gathered again to welcome new members and has also started to do some juicy work-related coaching practices.

We have also been strugglin a bit, specially in relation to our Gathering - our original idea was to get everyone together and spend 3 days getting to know each-other and having fun, with the intention of crewing afterwards. But now, with Corona we are still tryin to sort what everyone is up to - shall we gather, shall we not? Shall we crew without gathering? How to get everyone to know each-other in a sufficiently deep level without gathering, so that we can crew?

Last week Bea and I joined Nati's and Rich's first Microsolidarity week. We felt so inspired by everyone - thank you so much for all your appreciation. We also want to thank you for all your inputs and suggestions, they have truly given us a wave of fresh clean air.

I hope our documentation can inspire and help you guys in your quests!