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For a research project I am connected to as a valorization advisor, I have been looking for a system to host online events that offers extensive opportunities for informal networking between participants. A system that makes an online event a bit closer to the experience of a live event at a physical location. So a system that has a bit more to offer than Zoom, although its feature to create breakout rooms is of course great. Because you might be looking for the same, I decided to share my findings here. On this page you can find:

  1. a short intro to the two systems that I have so far looked at in some detail;
  2. a detailed comparison of the features of these two systems;
  3. a list of some other systems that might deserve a closer look, depending on what sort of event you are trying to organize

Noticed an error or omission? You can contact me at, and I'll try to update this page on short notice. If you are able to check in detail the features of one the systems mentioned under 3, so that it can be included in the table: that would be very welcome! I would of course acknowledge your contribution on this page!

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1. Key benefits & downsides of Remo and Let's Get Digital

Let's Get Digital

Let's Get


Remo: Live Video Conversations Now Simplified

2. Remo versus Let's Get Digital - A detailed, systematic comparison

I have done my best to be as complete and accurate as possible. Nevertheless some disclaimers:


3. Other possible options (not checked out yet)

On I found this list of platforms for virtual events, some of them I still want to look into (if I find the time). Descriptions are also copied from this blog post at Hootsuite: