<aside> 💡 A PhD should enable you to dive very deep into one or two areas. You should be able to express a research hypothesis, design experiments, and validate your thesis. Ideally, in our team, you'll learn how to write cleanly and understandably, and express research ideas concisely and clearly to a science-interested audience. Science aims to educate you to question yourself and others, in an effort to strive toward a more profound understanding. It is an educational process, and likely one of the few years in your life where you can focus exclusively without extensive distractions.


Our working areas include but are not limited to:

We always consider outstanding candidates in these areas. If you think that you are a good match, please apply for a PhD position!

🏗 Before submitting your application

We are expecting to receive convincing evidence showing your interests and talents. This proof could have various forms:

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