Hey there 👋 Nice to meet you!

My name is Elena, and I’m the product manager of Scanner Pro at Readdle. I’m looking for a Product Designer for my team.

Since most of us are working from home, think of this as a quarantine-style coffee chat. While we sip our virtual drinks, I will try to answer your most burning questions.

👩🏻‍💻 What’s Readdle? Scanner Pro?

Readdle is a company that focuses on productivity tools. It was bootstrapped by four Ukrainian friends more than ten years ago. Nowadays, the company’s B2C products - SparkPDF Expert, CalendarsDocuments, and Scanner Pro - are leaders in their niche and are highly appreciated by Apple.

Scanner Pro is an iOS scanning app. Simply put, it allows you to digitise your documents with the help of an iPhone or iPad. First, the app automatically detects the document’s borders, corrects distortions, and removes any shadows or creases. Then, it turns the document into a readable PDF (OCR) and offers you multiple options for storing, organising, and sharing.


😴 Document scanning sounds… boring

Mobile scanning has become a commodity, no doubt. There are plenty of scanning apps and scanning features incorporated into regular products (i.e., Notes, Dropbox). However, we aim to re-invent the future of mobile scanning. After all, Scanner Pro was the one of the first portable scanner on iOS.

Now, we’re tackling challenges in high-quality scanning, workflow automation, categorisation and management of documents — all while maintaining a beautiful experience. So, if you love challenges and want to make people more productive, one scan at a time - we have a match!

🤔 What will I do if I join the team?

Our team is currently two designers strong. We don’t have a feature-based specialisation for our designers; instead, we try to give tasks according to one’s strengths and interests. The feature ‘directions’ that we’re currently tackling are: