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LooCafe Minis

When I began the Toilet Tales by LooCafe project, our work was simple, highlighting the stories of ex-street hawkers who’ve taken up LooCafe models to become entprenureunuers owning fixed small businesses.

LooCafe Minis have created social impact that has helped them win the “Best Engagement by Social Enterprise in Sanitation Model and have become one of the most widespread public toilet models in Hyderabad. If you’re an outoger in the city, you must’ve seen a lid cap box with two toilets attached like this:

loocafe mini.jpg



<aside> 💡 Featuring on the right, A LooCafe Mini owner who was the winner of the grand Clean (Swacchta) Toilet Competition in Hyderabad in collaboration with the GHMC.


Social Impact 🤝 LooCafe Minis

These models are small, versatile and created a on a BOP model that is prefabricated. Due to their size and versatility, the manufcaturing cost is reduced by over 40%, or more and helps us install more such units.

LooCafe Mini Collage.png

Cycle loocafe.png

LooCafe Minis were created on the basis of a simple inspiration. “Porta Potties”

I’ve seen Doctor Who and Superman centered around one of these, why not toilets - Vedanth

Being in the WASH industry, our fundamental mission has been simple, create more such sustainable LooCafe models, because that’s how Open Defecation or the toilet problem as a whole can be solved.

LooCafe Minis are simple.

Two Porta Potties with a little “Pan-Shop” in the middle.

In non-Indian terms, a simple urban street vending stand with two toilets attached.

→ Here’s what it looks on the outside, IRL after 6 months+ installation 👀

Although this might seem like a crowded image with an uncanny footpath, let me show you how an alternative would look like (From TOI)

And this is near Hyderabad’s most popular attraction; the Charminar.  Here’s US near Charminar.

And this is near Hyderabad’s most popular attraction; the Charminar. Here’s US near Charminar.


loocafe mini vi.jpeg

A featured example of using the LooCafe Minis! Dr. Rabinder Nath Foundation that has used 2 LooCafe Minis so far for great work.




ganesh kondapur loocafe mini.jpeg

Now this Notion document doesn’t do justice to the work we’ve done after being created in less than 15 minutes while I wait for my flight back home, I should’ve been done 15 minutes ago as per the picture—haha


BUT despite my time constraint, I can’t drop off without telling you than we’ve got around 450+ LooCafes at present and minis comprise a ballpark number of around 270 of them, to think it started from porta potties would make for a great video… wonder in how many minutes I’d leave that incomplete in.