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  1. Develop goals in the 6 areas of life. (See below.)

  2. Make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good.

  3. A goal can not contradict any of your other goals. (For example, you can’t buy a $750,000 house if your income goal is only $50,000 per year. This is non-integrated thinking and will sabotage the achievement of your goals.)

  4. Write the goal in the positive instead of the negative.

  5. ****Write the goal out in complete detail. Make it SMART. (Instead of “A new home" —> “A 4,000 square foot contemporary with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a view of the mountain on 20 acres of land with a garden where I can grow the food my family eats, 2 chickens and a pool shaped like a heart.)

  6. Make sure your goal is high enough. Shoot for the moon — even if you miss, you’ll still be in the stars.

  7. While the act of writing them goals can help set the process in motion, it is extremely important to review these goals frequently. Once you have these big goals set be sure to refer back to them every time you set your 2 & 5 year goals to make sure you're on track. Change whenever is necessary → these are not set in stone, these plans are YOURS to change and shift as your life does.

<aside> 💡 After these goals are set → write out your 2 & 5 year plan → then write out your annual plan


Family and Home

Financial and Career

Spiritual and Ethical

Physical and Health

Social and Cultural