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The LondonDAO is a community-led program for funding ideas that will benefit the broader NFT ecosystem, with a focus on enabling net-new, innovative NFT experiences.

Created by Proof of Beauty Studios.

The LondonDAO was originally a community founded in celebration of the Ethereum's London hardfork (EIP 1559). The project was initiated with creation of the $LONDON ERC20 token as a social currency. On the date of the hardfork (Aug 4 2021), the community's first project was dropped: London Gift, 8888 generative art mementos which could only be minted with 1559 $LONDON.

Since then, the community has evolved into something even more. Flush with capital, the LondonDAO is now free to spread its wings and support innovative NFT ideas through Grants, and develop our own projects internally via Proof of Beauty Studios development team.

Program Details

LondonDAO is capitalized. With roughly 700k+ USD in possession: 10M+ $LONDON, 64+ $ETH

LondonDAO receives 5% secondary market income from the London Gift OpenSea sales.

If you want to look at the exact details of the current LondonDAO Treasury:

Season 1 Funding (Nov 1st - Feb 1st)

LondonDAO operates under funding cycles every quarter) that define funding for council members, and define the scope of their work. Learn more.

What we are looking for in S1


We welcome all forms of NFT projects or work as long as they are net-new/interesting and are positive additions to the NFT space.