Can I apply to attend?

Yes! We encourage applications from those with a background or interest in either planetary health and/or web3, curious about how to integrate across disciplines. You can apply via the website Dandelion and we will get back to applicants with confirmation of attendance by the end of the summer.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to with the subject heading

When is the event?

We ask participants to arrive to the Chateau by the evening of 20th October (or 21st am at the latest). We will finish by 3pm on Sunday 23rd October.

Do I need to take part in the educational component of the programme?

As we want our time together in-person to be as valuable as possible, we want to limit the didactic component of a usual conference and jump straight in to jamming around ideas and themes. As such, it’s helpful to develop some background understanding in web3 and/or planetary health respectively. Our ‘unlikely conversations’ series should help with that - check back for more details.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost to attend varies depending on where in the world you’re from and if you’re able to be sponsored by your workplace or organisation to attend. More information can be found here.

Are there subsidised tickets?

A number of subsidised and free tickets will be available to:

  1. Students and those otherwise unable to afford the standard ticket cost
  2. Attendees from low and middle income countries impacted by the climate crisis. We are also hoping to support with the cost of travel and accommodation for people from LMICs. Get in touch with for more information.

Where will I sleep?