One of the most greatest benefits of the LSE network is the mahoosive global family. In March 2020, this entire LSE community experienced the lockdown across every corner of the globe. Countries have approached the crisis in different ways but what has united everyone is the unique and unprecedented situation of being separated from colleagues, family and friends with no definite end in sight.

We thought it would be helpful to speak to our entrepreneurs who are currently residing in every continent of the world and invite them to share their experiences of lockdown as a way of supporting their peers and allowing us as an international and innovative community to better understand and cope with the current situation. As our Generate SOS motto highlights; we are together, even when we're apart. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the initiative and we hope so much to see you one day soon.

New from Nashville - Jason

London Lockdown - Dariga

Insights from China - Joy

Italian Lockdown - Adriano