Load to database

Once you have applied cleaning steps to your data and are happy with how it looks, you can load it to your Dropbase Database. Click on "Load to Database" to perform this action. When you click on the 'Load to Database" button, Dropbase will process all your Cleaning Steps and load the data to the database. When the Load Step successfully completes, you are automatically redirected to Database Manager where you can view your the table you just created or loaded data to.

Loading Data Options

You can choose how we load data to the database. You can decide if you want to overwrite the data in the table, append the new data to it, or merge incoming data to the destination table to keep the most up to date version without duplicates in the database.

Overwrite vs Append vs Merge


By overwriting data, you delete all the data in a table and replace it with new data.


Appending data adds the new data to the table while leaving existing data as it.


Merging data is a powerful option, but requires additional user instructions. Instead of simply appending rows to existing tables, merge allows users to update values in existing tables, based on certain conditions.

For example, say you have a list of sales leads in your database, each with a unique ID. You would like to update their address information. You have a CSV file containing all the updated data for some of these leads and you would like to use the data in this file to update certain fields in your existing database table. Merge options lets you do this with a few clicks.

Leads Table (existing database table)

Updated Leads List (in newly imported CSV file)