Live streaming is complicated. There are so many different platforms and pieces of software to choose from before you can even start thinking about producing content. This guide will help you get started on Twitch, the most popular streaming platform, and YouTube Live—an up-and-coming site.


Intro: Welcome to the Wild World of Live Streaming 🤪

Don’t know which platform is right for you? We’ll help you find out. Here’s the rundown, along with some 🔥hot takes🔥 on Twitch, YouTube Live, and Twitter Spaces.

Technology and Setup

#Pre and Post Stream Checklist

Streamers utilize different programs to enhance their streams. This section identifies and explains much of the software necessary for producing a successful live stream.

YouTube Live

Stream Culture and Content - YouTube Live

Streaming on YouTube Live allows creators the unique opportunity to reach a broad audience that is eager to interact with itself and the streamer.


Stream Culture and Content - Twitch


Twitch culture is pretty unique. Chat emotes, donations, and Discord channels are just a few of the community-building techniques covered in this section that streamers can use to engage with their audience.