Dapps are listed through governance on curate.thedapplist.com. Proposals are created by Hunters. They hunt for new Web3 projects/dapps. After a proposal is created, it goes into voting cycle of 7 days in the following week starting on Monday. Voting goes on until Sunday midnight (as per UTC).

Basis votes, top 5 voted Dapps/Projects are listed on thedapplist.com every Monday. Hunting is not time bound, you can create proposal at any time of the week.

Hunting - Step by Step guide


<aside> ❇️ You need to hold 60 $DAI, 4 $UNI, 3 $ENS, 0.4 $NFTX, 10 $SAND or 150 $DG (either of them) in wallet to create a proposal. No need to deposit or spend anywhere.


Voting - Step by Step guide


<aside> ❇️ You need to hold 20 $DAI, 2 $UNI, 1 $ENS, 0.1 $NFTX, 4 $SAND or 50 $DG (either of them) in wallet to vote on proposals. No need to deposit or spend anywhere.


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