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General Principles

  1. At least including sth about the person, why you are reaching out to them specifically. Make the message less about you and more about them. Ex — I’m reaching out to you because you are …. The more personal, the more effective.
  2. Reach out to people who are already employed. Because: (1) They did it and have advice to give, and (2) It shows the company they work for have a precedent of hiring from countries like yours


Hi X, my name is Chiara. I am also from [home country]. I’m finishing my Masters in International Business in a few months and would want to continue pursuing my career in France. I’d love to get your advice for 15 to 20mins. Let’s connect?

Hi Maxime, my name is Elnaz. I am also ... [or some compliment on his profile]. I would love to learn more about [this amazing thing you do]. And would love to talk to you for 15 to 20mins. Let's connect?

Hi Felicitas, my name is Ana Mendonca. I’m an international lawyer (licensed in Brazil and Portugal) looking for new opportunities in Germany. I graduate at Bucerius LL.M. last year, and found your contact within Bucerius' office (Peter Theunert). Would love to connect!

Dear Goncalo, I found you while searching for people from simpleclub in Berlin. I love what you wrote about being in the "intersection of Marketing, Product and Revenue." Would love to learn more about the work you do at simpleclub and connect.


2a - Open. Accepts your LinkedIn connection, but doesn't say anything.