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Last updated: 19 November, 2021

What is LINK?

LINK is an actually social app. You look at me skeptically, sighing at the avoidant prose and sanctimonious use of actually. Ok fair. Totally get it. But it's true. We are building something actually social: something whose goal is for people to meet up with others in-person, interact meaningfully with friends, and find new experiences. Not drown users in a sea of meaningless likes, matches, posts, and profiles that go nowhere, offer no value, and potentially cause a way-too-early midlife crisis in their teens or twenties (looking at you, social media and dating apps).

Okay but... how exactly are you building an app that's actually social?

We're building a platform that combines the newness, adventure, and excitement inherent to meeting new people, going to events, and having real-life experiences with the safety, comfort, and familiarity of being with your friends. Unlike current platforms, which are predicated on the digital and the individual, we've built an application predicated entirely on funneling individuals out into the physical world with their friends.

How it works:

Users create an individual profile and add friends to their intimate in-app friends list, the Chain (like the PATH friends list, but with added functionality). From there, users can make groups with their friends, set their interests/preferences, and find nearby friend groups that match their interests and preferences. Users can make as many groups as they want and have multiple groups active at the same time. Using the interests set by users, we also create an events page personalized to each user through integrations with platforms such as Nightout and TicketMaster. Users are able to send events from the events page to their groups for discussion and eventually native ticketing/cost splitting. We have so many more awesome features to build out, but these are the main ones we're optimizing for right now.


We launched our beta in NYC one week ago and are planning to launch the beta in Boston shortly, probably after students get back from Thanksgiving break. We've also signed up influencers with 10M+ aggregate TikTok followers to promote LINK, and I expect the app to be available for pre-order on the App Store within 2 weeks.

Why you might want this role:

  1. Huge industry opportunity
  2. Product MVP is already built and has users
  3. LINK will have a massive positive impact at scale
  4. Lower Risk than other pre-seed startups
    1. We’ve raised a pre-seed and family & friends round and are raising our seed round
  5. Attractive leadership position at a fast-paced, quickly-growing startup

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