Just as with anything else, there are methods that make identifying a problematic mod/plugin easier for everyone involved. We’ll be going over two methods that are made with the intent to provide a structured search method for mod/plugin lists of almost any type, regardless of game or modloader.

The principle

You can normally infer what mod/plugin is causing a bug from the logs or the bug itself, but in the absence of that you’re forced to test each mod/plugin as the culprit. By using a standard searching method you grantee that you’ve tested each mod in the same way, benefit from saving time in repetition, and working from a documented set of issues and solutions that could occur while searching.

The flow chart depicted on the right shows the two methods we’ll be covering here, but they both have the same goal. Remove each mod/plugin, test and repeat until the bug is gone, and then add mods/plugins back until you’re out of mods/plugins to add back or you get the bug again.

The sections below will cover those ideas in more detail and provide insight into issues that you may run into while testing.


Identify and Replicate


Done in Halves (Binary)

One by One (Linear)

Test in Isolation