Just as with anything else, there are methods that make identifying a problematic mod/plugin easier for everyone involved. We’ll be going over two methods that are made with the intent to provide a structured search method for mod/plugin lists of almost any type, regardless of game or modloader.

🔗 The principle

You can normally infer what mod/plugin is causing a bug from the logs or the bug itself, but in the absence of that you’re forced to test each mod/plugin as the culprit. By using a standard searching method you grantee that you’ve tested each mod in the same way, benefit from saving time in repetition, and working from a documented set of issues and solutions that could occur while searching.

🔗 Identify and Replicate

🔗 Removal/disabling

🔗 Done in Halves (Binary)

🔗 One by One (Linear)

🔗 Test in Isolation