Are you hacking a makeshift CRM together in a spreadsheet? Are you funneling insights from the sales meetings back to the product team?

Set up a sales CRM in Notion to better manage your budding list of contacts and to make sure the entire team benefits from your sales meetings. It'll help the entire team learn and to start getting the benefits of a CRM without having to invest an arm and a leg to get started.

Give our template a try when creating a new page or learn how to make one from scratch below!

Step 1: Create a database to get started

First thing's first - let's create a database that'll store all of your customers. Add one in by clicking the [+] button on a new line in the editor and selecting 'Table.'

If you have an existing spreadsheet with all your contacts somewhere, import it into the database as a .csv file by clicking on the '...' button above the table and select 'Import CSV.'

Step 2: Add custom properties to track contact details

Next up - we'll be adding in some properties you want to track for each user.

Much like how Salesforce allows you to keep track of customer info beyond plain text and numbers, properties in Notion allow you to do the same.

For example:

Notion currently supports 15+ property types!