We invite you to submit a lightning talk submission. Lightning talks run 5 minutes each and will be included as selections of back-to-back lightning sessions. This format provides a space for many to quickly share some of their most exciting insights and/or projects.


Want to submit a lightning talk? Great! Fill out this survey to submit by the deadline — February 1st, 2021. (You need to be an attendee to submit).


We ask that you follow a few guidelines when creating your lightning talk video:

Note: Lightning talks can be submitted in any language.

The “Selection”

We are planning to accept all submissions as long as they follow the above guidelines. We may highlight some lightning talks (i.e., showing them without competing talks, along with the other curated talks), and include them during open sections of the schedule (which will consist of multiple concurrent [unconference](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference#:~:text=An unconference is a participant,presentations and top-down organization.)-style sessions).

How will this be determined? We’ll let you all (attendees) decide! After January 29th, we will send out a survey with information on the submissions and request attendees to flag the talks they’re interested in seeing. We’ll use the survey results to help organize the schedule.