About the role

We’re building an awesome team of engineers who are passionate about building robust systems and a delightful product experience. As a Backend Engineer at Lightdash, your goal is to keep the Lightdash server and database robust and running lightning fast, as well as managing our cloud-hosted product Lightdash Cloud.

You should care about solving real customer problems (not just shipping code), be comfortable with working independently, and be someone who makes things happen.

We’re still in an early stage (Lightdash only started in Feb 2021!), and this phase is all about getting software that works in front of our users and iterating fast based on feedback. We’re not yet optimising for massive scale or fixing every possible edge-case. But before long, you’ll need to help build a scalable platform that can handle growth without slowing down development.

As an early engineer, this is a unique opportunity to help shape the product, and the way we build it. If you’re looking for a role that gives you the opportunity to take on a wide range of responsibilities, with a high degree of autonomy, then we want to talk to you.

What you’ll do every day

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