Project specifications

Capstone projects are solo projects at the end of the each of the Microverse Main Technical Curriculum sections. Building this project is very important for you because:

The project you are going to build for the Ruby on Rails capstone is based on lifestyle articles website. You should follow the given design of the website, but you must personalise the content, i.e., - it can be a website with articles about books, wedding business, fishing equipment, mushrooms - anything that you can write an article about. Feel free to add your own app name and logo!


Articles in selected category page

Whatever the theme you may choose, you should follow a user journey to build the following MVP version of the app:

  1. The user logs in to the app, only by typing the username (a proper authenticated login is not a requirement).
  2. The user is presented with the homepage (see the Homepage screenshot above) that includes:
    1. Featured article with full-width image and title in the first row. This should be an article with the biggest number of votes. Skip the carousel widget and weather and city information.
    2. List of all categories in order of priority. Each category should be displayed as a square with its name on the top and its most recent article's title in the bottom. The background image should be the image of the most recent article in this category.
  3. When the user clicks the category name they can see all articles in that category (see the Articles in selected category page screenshot above):
    1. Articles are sorted by most recent.
    2. Each article displays: image, title, truncated text as preview and its author name.
    3. Skip the Read more link implementation.
    4. Add extra button to add a vote for article (each user can vote only once).
  4. Each page should use the same top menu and footer:
    1. Top menu is presented at the Homepage screenshot above. It should include only links to pages that are implemented: Home and Write an article.
    2. Footer is presented at the Articles in selected category page screenshot above.
  5. When user opens "Write an article" page:
    1. A form with all necessary fields is displayed.
    2. It's not in the given design, but you should make an effort to follow the same style of the other pages.
  6. At the end extend your MVP app with one simple feature of your choice.