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Build a place we love to work at

We build this company like we build a product. We ask different questions: Do people work here know how to use the company? Is it simple? Are there bugs? What's broken that we can fix?

A company is like software. It has to be usable, it has to be useful. And it probably also has bugs, places where the company crashes because of bad organizational design or cultural oversights.

And it all start with the internal growth.


**Nam Nguyen: Keep pushing oneself towards goal**


Hieu Vu: Python, Java or NodeJS? Golang!


An Tran: Challenge yourself, and get excited over it

Foster a learning culture

We take learning as the north-star metric. At Dwarves, we value you not for what you can bring to the table, but also how you outgrow yourself. Learning at Dwarves takes place in all formats.

For every process and practice that went out successful, we store them as documents.

Radio Talks

Weekly sharing on practices, new findings & demos.

Dwarves Brainery

All-in-one knowledge source for Dwarves and friends.

Tech Event

Monthly sit with Vietnam tech talents for global real-world experiences.

Dwarves Memo

Practice sharing, real-cases demo & key take-aways.

Lecturer Training

Occasional training from university lecturers to reinforce working style & engineering mindset.