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Build a place we love to work at

We build this company like we build a product. There are roadmaps for growth; there are phases; there are iterations. There might also be bugs, places where the company crashes because of bad organizational design, or cultural oversights.

That means we advocate for changes. Changes always start with making our people better.

Education Allowance

Annual budget for learning and development goals.

Work Gear Supplies

Team fund to back you up for work-related expenses, such as work gears or subscriptions.

Learning Sponsorship

Monthly pool for internal & external input in the team’s knowledge hub.

Referral Bonus

Sponsorship to recommend peeps that fit the team.

Travel Support

Annual travel package to Dwarves Hubs across the country.

Healthcare Package

Annual Bao Minh Insurance for overall & specialized healthcare check ups.

<aside> 📍 and other exclusive company support, as in Dwarves Benefits & Perks.


Foster a learning culture

We take learning as the north-star metric. At Dwarves, we value you not only for the projects that you do for the company but also for how you strive to grow yourself. Learning at Dwarves takes place in all formats.

Radio Talks

Weekly sharing on practices, new findings & demos.

Dwarves Brainery

All-in-one knowledge source for Dwarves and friends.