This page is aimed at current and aspiring Lido Node Operators. Find out about the application process to join the Lido Node Operator set and how the Lido Node Operator Subgovernance Group (LNOSG) aims to maintain decentralization of the leading liquid staking protocol in the crypto ecosystem. Learn more about Lido here.

To apply, simply click the link to the application form for the onboarding for which you wish to be considered. If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask them on the node operators section of the Lido research forum, but if you prefer e-mail you can reach out via e-mail.

<aside> 💧 The LNOSG periodically runs application process to evaluate and recommend new node operators to onboard to the Lido DAO. This happens when Lido is expanding to a new network, or when the LNOSG decides that the traction of Lido on a network allows further node operators to join the set with the aim to balance node operator profitability, decentralization, and overall security of Lido's liquid staking solutions.


Assessment Process Overview

The LNOSG consists of representatives members of onboarded node operator organizations and the Lido Master of Validators. The LNOSG meets on an ad-hoc basis to to evaluate applications for new onboarding waves and proposes short-listed applications for approval to the Lido DAO. The process is overseen and coordinated by the Lido Master of Validators.

A set of Node Operator Evaluation and Decision Making Criteria were developed early on in the process and serve as guidelines in the assessment of Node Operator applications. The criteria are not hard rules and serve to guide us towards the objectives of decentralization and distribution of the validator set while maintaining exemplary protocol efficacy.


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