Whenever you will do anything different people will always oppose you!

  1. Build a learning pod in Mumbai

    a. Plan to hire 3 people with equivalent pay.

    Job Roles: One will be the Manager and two educators (Their job roles will be switched every week)

b. These teachers will be trained by MTM educators to create their learning pod at Mumbai in our Community Batches

c. Offline learning will be ensured by the educators and the Managers under the supervision of the MTM Team

End Goal:

  1. We plan to teach them 4 skills in a span of 2 months
  2. Each and every student should be able to earn at least 500INR by end of this plan
  3. We will help them find internships.

  1. How to make learning more efficient?

    a. Our educators should be able to do what we expect from our students

b. Our educators will create a sample worksheet or project one week prior to the Bootcamp and our Coordinators will verify

End Goal:

  1. We should be able to get one project per Bootcamp from our educators and our students will try to replicate that work
  2. Our educators should be able to earn or do whatever we expect from our students