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Fringe is as much about creating a community as it is about creating art, so set that calendar to busy and join us for our salon sessions and panel discussions (and tune into our pre-recorded videos whenever you have a spare 5-10 mins!)

Our "Let's Talk" program includes a wide range of sessions for up-skilling emerging artists across disciplines and career trajectories, exploring a range of skills such as accessibility, producing, marketing and touring.

Meet other artists, glean quality advice from experienced professionals, and learn all there is to know about putting on a damn good event!

Join us for:

Please note: All panel sessions will be Auslan interpreted and our quick chats videos will be closed captioned.

Quick chats: Fringe 101s

Are you a Fringe first-timer with a ripper idea? Or have you been around the Fringe block and just want to get your head around a few key areas? Our quick chats series are presented by key Fringe staff and designed to take you through the basics. In the format of 5-10 minute short videos that you can watch in your own time, they will cover topics such as: registrations, venues, budgeting, access, marketing & ticketing. No frills, just the key information that you need to get the job done.

See our range of "quick chats" topics for a range of "how to's" HERE.

Panel Discussions

Contracts, Intellectual Property and Other Legal Considerations for Independent Artists Panel

Our panel of lawyers and arts producers chat about their experiences with contracts, intellectual property and other legal considerations that every independent artist should be considering as part of their producing process.

This session was held on 27 July 2022.