A fun way for everybody to be a part of our amazing community to bring positive impacts in the world. We have a golden opportunity to tackle global challenges as a family.

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My Impact Quests

An easy view to see the quests I’ve been assigned on.

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Impact Projects

Huge collaborative adventures where we are slaying new dragons and exploring new worlds. Feel free to join on a project or take on individual quests.

Impact Project Proposals

Eternal Expeditions

Explore conquered dungeons and level up together.

Co-x3 Writer’s Guild

Co-x3 Toolbox Development

Co-x3 Academy Backend

Co-x3 Co-Creation Space

Make Work Fun App Development

Frequently Asked Questions

<aside> 💡 What is Co-x3?

Co-x3 stands for co-creation, collaboration, and community. We're an inclusive group of like-minded forward thinkers that want to effect positive change in the 🌍. Learn more about us here →


<aside> 💡 How can I get involved?

  1. Browse our mercenary missions to see what you can help with for our ongoing world bosses.
  2. Sharing about our initiatives with a friend who may want to help!
  3. Supporting the project as a patron so we can continue doing cool stuff </aside>

<aside> 💡 What are world bosses?

Every week during Sunday Council Meetings we go through the list of world bosses to fight and assign them appropriate rewards upon completion. These rewards can range from...

  1. EXP and Gold for handing in the task
  2. Community Resources (Get the software, templates, hardware, etc.) needed to fulfill the project.
  3. Life Points for contributing to others. </aside>

<aside> 💡 How do I submit a world boss?

At Co-x3, we strive to be forever helpful, and we want to help YOUR local community. We think that the social impact initiatives that are reported on media, while helpful, are only scratching the surface. The true problems can only be uncovered by people who are currently observing the issues in their communities.

Submit a world boss by emailing family@co-x3.com with your inquiry!


<aside> 💡 What are Life Points?

Life Points are a way to symbolize good deeds performed in the community. This can be gifted from one member to another based on the value of the interaction that has been gifted.

Life points can be used to..

  1. Exchange / discount items in the Co-x3 Toolbox
  2. Get specific help from other members on your journey! </aside>

<aside> 💡 How can I get my EXP/Gold rewards?

Coming Soon...