Each token represents 1 acre of the rainforest. Buy them here.


10 Acres


100 Acres


1000 Acres


Will be posting updates here as we go.

Why Crypto?

Crypto, at its best, is a revolution that defies the establishment. Let's do something revolutionary with our crypto gains and put the Earth's future into the hands of people who won't destroy it for profit.

We are building an equitable future for the Punks, Doges, and Crypto Harambes in our wallets.

Why buy the Rainforest?

We believe that climate change is an existential threat to everyone's wellbeing.

We believe that our gains from crypto will mean nothing if the world will become increasingly unlivable each year.

How will we do it?

Each token represents roughly the cost of preserving one acre of rainforest at current ETH prices.