December, 2020

Well, for starters, DomeCode is a coding platform that unifies the coding experience by providing all relevant resources and tools in a single platform and this post is a result of us, at DomeCode, shifting from Heroku ( after exhausting free credits ) to Digital Ocean ( still on free credits ).

In this post, I want to emphasize the importance of choosing the right cloud provider for you and saving up money by spending on only what you and your application really needs. If you’re profitable and have enough money at disposal, this post might not make a huge difference for you but for those of you out there who’re starting out and are on a tight budget, this might help.

The guidelines to help you : ( not a huge fan of constraints but these are actually helpful )

In simple words, by moving Heroku ( $7/mo dyno + $7mo worker + $50/mo database ) to DigitalOcean ( $5/month — setting it all up ). This potentially saved over 90% of the initial cost ( $5 instead of $64 a month ).

With that being said, it’s ultimately upto you where you want to spend your budget ( if it’s low ), the cloud when you can rather redeem credits or other places that make your product better?

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