Visit this link for a step by step guide on the lender experience.

How much should I charge for my item?

We have a rental calculator that will tell you a fair-market rental value, since we know not everyone knows offhand the proper day rate for a pair of snow shoes! That said, you’re always free to modify our suggested price if you feel it’s not right or you just want to change up the prices. About 85% of Quupe users accept the price from our algorithm. But we’re interested in learning more about how to make the algorithm even smarter.

How long does it take for items to be reviewed and approved?

Please allow 24 hours from the time you’ve submitted your items for publication for us to review and approve your listing. We carefully review every listing we receive to ensure they are quality postings. Common issues that can delay publication are: the item description is incomplete, the photos are not clear enough, or the photos are missing altogether.

How do I edit my listing?

It’s easy! Click on the My Items link from the main menu, or just visit this link (please make sure that you're logged in). Then, select the item you want to modify and click on “Edit.” From there, you can change the name, photo, item location, price, and so on.

Lender item pick-up checklist

Hey lender! You’re about to hand off one of your items to another member of the Quupe community. To make sure everyone has the best possible experience, take a look at the following checklist in preparation for your rental.

𝥁 You have received payment from the borrower and the transaction status is ‘Paid’.

𝥁 You have confirmed a pick-up time and place with the borrower.

𝥁 Your item is clean and completely functional. For insurance purposes, log a time-stamped video demonstrating the item is fully functional and any photos showing the condition of the item.

𝥁 If your item is electronic, it is either fully charged or fully charged batteries are included.

𝥁 The item and any complementary included items (i.e. cables for charging, stakes for a tent, etc.) are packed safely.

𝥁 You have reviewed how to properly use the item with the borrower if they are unfamiliar with your item. If you are lending out a drone, review Transport Canada’s rules for flying with the borrower.

𝥁 You have confirmed a drop-off time and place with the borrower.

𝥁 You have looked over the item and it has been returned in the same condition with all the parts included.