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Oct 19, 2021

Lembot now supports scheduling 🎉. Meaning that you can schedule export daily, weekly or monthly at the exact hour and minute you want.

I am very proud as it has been requested a lot and so tricky to develop. A lot has changed in the inside of lembot to make this possible. It is one of the most exciting news for Lembot so far.

Watch a quick video demo here.


Oct 5, 2021

Added pattern validation to avoid typos while creating new bot.

A1 address validation pattern 2.jpg

Sept 22, 2021

Something great happens, Lembot is now faster than ever 🚀🚀🚀.

I have been working for months on migrating Lembot's server offering now faster website, dashboard, exports, everything.


And, another great news... This upgrade was necessary to enable the scheduling. Yes, scheduling is almost there, I am actively testing it, stay tuned 🤩.

Sept 7, 2021

Added conversation bubble everywhere in the website 💬.