'Problems on many fronts', the state of judicial reform: Issue 8

Legal tech digest Issue 8.png

In this issue of the legal tech digest, we report on three different stories that thread together to reveal a larger question: What is the state of reform in the legal services and justice industry, and are we indeed making progress in the right direction?

There are a few course recommendations from reputed institutions including UNESCO, A2J and NYU, as well as a few job opportunities for Indians to work in legal tech contexts within India.

Lastly, in the essential readings section, there are two recommendations.

The first is a lecture by Sir Geoffrey Vos, a British judge and Master of the Rolls who talks about dispute resolution mechanisms we may need by 2040 in light of upcoming technologies.

The second is a highly practical research paper addressed to General Counsels and in-house teams that argues why current digital transformation frameworks don’t work and what to do about it.

If you are reading this issue on the website, you will find embedded PDFs, bookmarks, and other rich media on the webpage itself.

From the vanguard 🚀

“You have problems on many fronts”, SC tells BCI (but misses the point?)

“Ramshackle state of judicial infrastructure”: What have 18 years of eCourt project brought us?

Judicial pendency a “hydra-headed monster”, all of us have contributed to this crisis

Justice Chandrachud emphasises the role of smart contracts in arbitrations

99% of lower courts in India are now connected via WAN, claims DoJ

Opportunities in legal tech 🎓

UNESCO announces a global MOOC for judicial operators, over 4000 join

A computational model of facilitation in Online Dispute Resolution (event)

Open Justice from NYUx (course recommendation)

Design no-code legal tech apps: Legal document automation with Afterpattern (course recommendation)

Legal tech jobs 💼

Essential readings 📚

The future for dispute resolution: Horizontal scaling

Don't Let the Digital Tail Wag the Transformation Dog: A Digital Transformation Roadmap for Corporate Counsel