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Olivia Griffin (Pod Lead) Olivia Griffin is a NYC-based attorney currently working at a unicorn crypto and NFT startup. Her past experience includes working at the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, a grassroots gender-based violence NGO in South Africa, and advocating for refugees seeking resettlement under UNHCR mechanisms. She completed her law degree at Boston University School of Law and admitted to the Bar in the District of Columbia.
Ahmed Ghappour Associate Professor of Boston University School of Law. Legal Counsel of
Formerly: trial attorney, Guantanamo habeas counsel, software engineer.
Yev Muchnik Yev Muchnik is a US based corporate and securities attorney, specializing in web3 since 2016. Yev was previously with Squire Patton Boggs, King & Spalding, Paul Hastings and General Counsel to a publicly traded tech company and a unicorn private aviation technology startup. Yev is currently working on DAO investment fund aimed at bringing women and underrepresented minorities into web3, proposing new legislative initiatives around web3 in Colorado and advising numerous projects in the space across different industries.
Paul Pejla Paul is a lawyer from Argentina and public policy practitioner. He is currently working in the USA in economic development, financial inclusion and ethical tech. His latest legal work delved on privacy issues and access to public information.
Jacob Jacob is a Virginia, USA-based attorney and a developer. He handles the following kinds of legal issues for clients regularly: Employment Law cases, Contacts, as well as Whistleblower & Defamation cases.
Jacob has also drafted a proposed US bill that could help combat large-scale disinformation in the US.

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